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    Vendor registration sale schedule.
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    Jan 1, 2022- Jan 31, 2022 Vendor Fee -$10 (ie: Craft vendor $65)
    Regular Vendor Fee $75-$150 (ie: Craft vendor $75)
    July 19, 2022 Vendor Fee +$5 (ie: Craft vendor $80)
    Aug 16, 2022 Vendor Fee +$10 (ie: Craft vendor $85)
    Sept 13, 2022 Vendor Fee +$20 (ie: Craft vendor $95)

    Vendor Instructions - General

    Add to your safe list to make sure you receive updates and instructions.

    (Final instructions are emailed 1 month, 2 weeks and day before events.)

    1. In the event we do have to cancel due to Covid-19, All vendors registered will be transferred to the next event.
    2. Events take place rain or shine.
    3. Event Refunds: There are no refunds or exchanges for wine and food festival Events. However, registrations are transferable to upon organizer approval.
    4. Setup time is 8-11, after 11 the gates close and you will not be able to drive your vehicle in the fest area. All vehicles must be moved off the grounds by 11:30.
    5. End of Event. You may not move your vehicle until guests are off grounds.
    6. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will contact you immediately if we are unable to accommodate you. You will receive a vendor email with booth assignment 1 month, 2 weeks and day before event. We will not accept vendors representing the same company, similar vendors are allowed.

    SETUP INSTRUCTIONS FALL 2022 - Coming Soon

    Next Event: Winetober Fest 2022
    Date: Saturday Oct 8, 2022
    Vendor Setup Time: 8am -11am
    You MUST arrive Before 11am to get into the venue
    Address: Montgomery County 4H Center- 1015 Bridge Road Collegeville PA 19426

    1. Pull into Venue 1015 Bridge Road Collegeville PA 19426
    2. Stop check-in we will give you your assigned space with any other instruction(s) venue map cards with QR code map on the back of the card is the Drawing Entry QR Codes.
    3. Tara or event staff will point to your space or help direct you to your space
    4. If you are a vendor on the outside spaces pull car in all the way and park set your tent up behind your 1(one) car. If in center of the venue Park (temp park) adjacent to your space so others can go around you so you can unload, move care to designated vendor parking area.
    5. Unload immediately move your vehicle to designated vendor parking see map.
    6. Anyone arriving after 11:30 will have to go to parking area and move your stuff to your space.
    7. NOTE: If your space is not as expected please let us know right away! We can help make it right before you start your day and set up. We want to make sure you make the best of this event. Reason for moving example you are a jewelry vendor and another jewelry vendor is very close to you, there is an empty space a few spaces down, may be best to move there. We will try to accommodate. Please do not move without contacting us. Take into consideration maps have been printed and directory says what space you are in so this is a last resort case.

    Vendor/Guest Check- In Location

    1015 Bridge Road Collegeville PA 19426.

    Vendor Set up area is mostly grass, some gravel. Clemens Pavilion Picnic & Marcho Farm Pavilion (F) is cement, Pavilion (J) is fine gravel.

    Setup Time

    Set up time 8-11. Drop off your goods at your space then Park. You must be setup and ready for the 12pm VIP Guest Check in. We often allow folks to enter early as long as our staff is ready.

    Should you arrive after 11am you may have trouble getting close to your space and will not be able to drive up to space and unpack you will have to park and transport your stuff to your space.

    Vendor Parking

    Parking. Parking in most cases is not far from your space. Please arrive early you wish to park close to your venue space. 1 parking space per vendor. Please car pool, parking is limited.  Parking is BEHIND vendor set up area.

    Event Time Line

    8am -11am Vendor Setup Time
    10:00am Drop off vendor prizes or stuff to put in prize bags
    11:30am Gates Close at all vehicles must be moved to vendor parking area. NOTE: Use your own judgement if it take you a while to setup come early. You can arrive anytime after 8-10:30.
    11:30 Band Arrival
    12:00pm VIP Guests Check in
    1:00pm Regular Guests Check In
    1:00pm -5:00pm Shades of Silver Band start time
    2:00 Wine Check Pickup begins
    3:00pm Regular Guests Check In
    3:30pm, 4:00pm & 4:45pm Sponsor :15 sec commercials
    4:00pm & 4:45pm Raffle Winners Announced 4:00 & 4:45
    4:45pm Sponsor Plaque Presentation
    6:00pm Event Concludes
    6:00pm – 6:30pm Vendors can exit (Must use back exits or all guests must be cleared off check in wine check area)
    6:30pm Wine check closes

    Don’t forget to Bring setup equipment we are unable to loan anything to vendors

    Power Strip
    Extension Cords
    Displays and setup materials
    Extension Cords
    Generator for refrigerator or ice machine
    Ice chests
    Water for you and your staff
    ICE don’t forget Ice
    Extra tent – If you want to put in-front of your tent for guest cover
    Hand Sanitizer for your table
    Sanitizer wipes to clean as needed
    Trash bags
    paper towels
    Zip lock bags, paper clips/clothespins
    Tools (hammer etc)
    Shims for your tables
    Zip ties
    Pens, Tape, Scissors, Sharpie, Stapler, Clip board
    Business cards/ flyers
    Lock box/ you are responsible for your cash, change for cash
    Computer, iPad or register (credit card equipment)

    New Location 4H Center

    4H Center

    1015 Bridge Rd, Collegeville, PA 19426

    Cancellation Policy

    We do not refund for any reason.
    *30 day option. Vendor cancel with in 30 days of event if space is filled we will transfer fee to next event.
    *10 day option. Vendor cancel Transfer to next event with 50% fee due*5 day option. Vendor cancel with in 5 days transfer with 75% fee due

    Any notice less than 5 days no option available.

    *unexpected situations including vehicle accidents, injuries, illnesses, or legal obligations — which prevent the Vendor from attending the event.


    Billboards are placed in several locations Current boards (Currently 3 billboards 30 days prior to event)
    1 of 3 Digital Board #707 Rt 202 & Rt 23
    2 of 3 Digital Board #5007 PA turnpike RT 276 SS E/O
    3 of 3 Digital Board #5008 PA turnpike RT 276 SS E/O


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    May 22, 2021
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    Featuring Pennsylvania’s finest wineries and distilleries. You’ll have the chance to sample and purchase wine, plus a day filled with live amazing bands and super fun contests, prizes and giveaways. Enjoy shopping with around 100 vendors artisans, crafters and retail items.
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