Shades of Silver

In by Tara

Shades of Silver helm from the Chester County. Award winning trio, with multiple recordings in jazz, rock and blues.  Shades of Silver are: Scot Silver on guitar/vocals; Eric Schreiber on bass/vocals; Pat O’Shea on drums.  We are proud to bring this versatile and energetic trio back to the Skippack Winetober Fest for the 4th year and counting.  Their performance is from 1-5 pm, interspersed with a great local DJ. More on this fiery band:
Here’s 3 cool solo pics of the 3 of us. Unfortunately I only have the 1 group shot of us. Don’t ask why the silly cover aspect.  Lol  Long story. If you prefer that one, go for it.
MC Mark Edwards info coming soon.