Vendor Information

    Vendor Setup Time: 8am -11am

    1. Pull into lot 4039 W Skippack Pike, Skippack PA 19474 (Across from Hotel Fiesole) or 30 N Lansdowne Ave Lansdowne PA 19050
    2. Stop we will give you your assigned vendor number sign to hang on your tent along with any other instruction(s) along with the QR code map.
    3. Tara or staff will point to your space or help direct you if you cant follow the map
    4. If you are a vendor on the outside spaces pull car in all the way and park set your tent up behind your 1(one) car. If in center of the venue Park (temp park) adjacent to your space so others can go around you so you can unload, move car to designated vendor parking area A or B. Lansdowne venue has no extra parking 1 space per vendor
    5. Vendors who have more then one car tell them to park in Vendor parking B.
    6. Set up according to map, You space is marked by marker and/or paint
    7. Unload immediately move your vehicle to designated vendor parking see map.
    8. Anyone arriving after 11:30 will have to go to parking area and move your stuff to your space.
    9. Non food or wine vendors normally need only one person to work their booth. We will allow a helper. Should you have someone who wants to attend the event we will have discounted vendor tickets available at check in. See Hannah Booth #1 tell her you are a vendor and want vendor tickets for friends or family. FOOD AND WINE VENDORS there is no limit on staff. Wine Vendors in accordance with LAW will NOT get a wrist band.

    NOTE: If your space is not as expected please let us know right away! We can help make it right before you start your day and set up. We want to make sure you make the best of this event. Reason for moving example you are a jewelry vendor and another jewelry vendor is very close to you, there is an empty space a few spaces down, may be best to move there. We will try to accommodate. Please do not move without contacting us. Take into consideration maps have been printed and directory says what space you are in so this is a last resort case.



    Check the website and review your listing. I take your registration form and put the data on the website (copy and paste) check for accuracy. Event page. Any changes must be made by Monday before the event. After this date I will not be able to make any changes until after the event. The page stays active after the event so people can find you at a later time.


    Tara Cell 267-500-7400, Jeffs cell is 267-688-4159. PLEASE NOTE I am very difficult to get on the day of the event so try to text me or try Jeff. I will get back to you with problems or questions as soon as I can but most likely I will be unable to do so on the day of the event.

    Setup Time

    Set up time 8-11. Drop off your goods at your space then Park. You must be setup and ready for the 12pm VIP Guest Check in. We often allow folks to enter early as long as our staff is ready.

    Should you arrive after 11am you may have trouble getting close to your space and will not be able to drive up to space and unpack you will have to park and transport your stuff to your space.

    Event Time Line

    Vendors arrival 8am -11am
    Gates Close at 11:30am all vehicles must be moved to vendor parking area.
    NOTE: Use your own judgement if it take you a while to setup come early. You can arrive anytime after 8-10:30.
    VIP Check in 12pm
    Band start time 12:00 -5:30
    2-4 is Line Dancing and 4:45-5:15pm Raffle Winners Announced

    “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.” 

    - Anonymous