Winetober Festival exists due to the energy and dedication of our volunteers, most of whom return year after year to take part in the event. Volunteer for a 3 to 4 hour shift to receive an event pass and Staff T-shirt! YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER TO VOLUNTEER!

    Volunteer applications will be available in March

    Volunteer Positions 

    Photographers – This is at the check in location taking pics at our photo booth and printing for vip ticket for regular cautions from cashier  or Walk around taking photos of people having fun. We would like pics of dogs people playing games wine tasting. Pics should be emailed or loaded to fb page.

    1. Photographer 12-3
    2. Photographer 3-6
    3. Photo booth 12-3
    4. Photo booth 3-6

    Security – Security walks around the event looking for underage or people without wristband. Making sure everyone stays in line

    1. Security 12-3
    2. Security 12-3
    3. Security 3-6
    4. Security 3-6

    Setup – Breakdown – Setup involves setting up tents tables and prepping for customers. Breakdown is taking down tents and packing up trailer.

    1. Setup 8-11
    2. Setup 8-11
    3. Breakdown 6-9
    4. Breakdown 6-9
      Tickets – Ticket operators scan barcode with your phone and put a wrist band on. ID will check each persons drivers license
    1. Tickets 12-3
    2. Tickets 12-3
    3. Tickets 12-3
    4. Tickets 12-3
    5. Tickets 3-5
    6. Tickets 3-5
    7. License ID person 12-3

    Wine Check – Get wine check tickets from guests, match with checked bottles. Give customers their check when after matching wine check tickets

    1. Wine Check 3-6
    2. Wine Check 3-6
    3. Wine Check 3-6

    Trash – Picking up trash during and after event and putting in dumpsters.

    1. Trash 12-3
    2. Trash 3-6

    “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.” 

    - Anonymous